Small Groups. Big Difference.

Small Groups are how we make our large, thriving church feel small enough for you to be known by name and connect with others on a more personal level. They provide you with a community that can truly feel like a family.

Whatever your age, interests or personality, we have a group that will make you feel at home in our church. Click here to see all the available Small Groups!

Winter Small Groups

There are several ways to be in community with one another – so make sure you find a group! Click “learn more” to see all the group options, and tell us which group you’ll join!

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Marriage Mentors

Mentoring will provide you the chance to explore your relationship with caring mentors, who will come alongside you to love you, encourage you, and challenge you to be the spouse God intended you to be.

You will meet with a mentor couple once a week for approximately 10 weeks. Each session will last approximately 1 1/2 hours. Your willingness and commitment to this process can bring you practical ways to improve communication, handle finances, and resolve conflict in healthy and helpful ways.

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Small Groups are an important way for people to connect with the heart of our church, and with each other.

Our groups meet all through the week to help us love each other, grow together, and serve God together. Whoever you are, we have a group for you. 

Contact us to learn more about small groups, or find a small group here.