The NXTGENNOW Scholarship, established by Grand Rapids First, offers two distinct scholarship opportunities: The NXTGENNOW Northpoint College Scholarship for students attending Northpoint College, inclusive of an internship requirement, and the NXTGENNOW College Scholarship for students actively involved in ministry at Grand Rapids First but attending a different college or university.



The NXTGENNOW Northpoint Scholarship aims to financially support eligible Northpoint College students’ ministry preparation, blending academic learning with practical experience. Eligible applicants must demonstrate a financial need, academic promise, and a commitment to ongoing ministry involvement, including participation in a ministry internship through Grand Rapids First.

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The NXTGENNOW College Scholarship exists to financially empower eligible students who are faithful in ministry involvement at Grand Rapids First to obtain a college education. This is an opportunity for qualifying applicants to receive a cash scholarship that will be directly applied to the college or university of their choice. Eligible applicants will demonstrate a financial need, academic promise, and a commitment to ongoing ministry involvement.

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