The NXTGENNOW Scholarship exists to financially empower eligible students who are faithful in ministry involvement at Grand Rapids First to obtain a college education. This is an opportunity for qualifying applicants to receive a cash scholarship that will be directly applied to the college/university of their choice. Eligible applicants will demonstrate a financial need, academic promise, and a commitment for ongoing ministry involvement.

Will you be attending Northpoint Bible College? You can apply for the NBC NxtGenNow Scholarship here.


• Submit the application form in its entirety by April 30, 2021
• Complete the application process for your college/university before April 30, 2021
• Interview with a Scholarship Committee Member prior to June 9, 2021
• Recipients of the NXTGENNOW Scholarship will be notified by June 30, 2021


A demonstrated vibrant faith in Jesus Christ. To be verified by:
• Pastoral reference from the appropriate ministry leader at Grand Rapids First
• Personal essay from the NXTGENNOW Scholarship application form
• Interview with appropriate representatives from Grand Rapids First
• Regular attendance and involvement at Grand Rapids First

A demonstrated ability to be academically successful. To be verified by:
• High School or current College GPA of preferably 2.75 or higher
• ACT or SAT scores of 19/1050 or higher
• Educator reference from your graduation high school or current college
• Confirmed through the interview process and references

Demonstrate attendance and commitment to participate in ministry during post-secondary education preferably at Grand Rapids First or an on-campus ministry.

A demonstrated financial need and a commitment to financial responsibility. To be verified by:
• Review of completed FAFSA packet
• Confirmed through the interview process and references
• Avoidance of unnecessary loans and a commitment to debt-free graduation

Questions? Call the Business Administration Office at 616-988-2431