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GR1 Adults 50+ is a group of people ages 50+ desiring connection and activity with others in their same season of life. We offer multiple events, serving opportunities, and small groups to encourage friendships inside and outside of the church.

Group Events

Connect with friends!

GR1 Adults 50+ hosts several fun events throughout the year that keep us active and continually engaged with one another such as holiday gatherings, game nights, and comedy shows. There are also many opportunities to connect with like-interest small groups. Follow us on Facebook to never miss an event.

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Outreach Opportunities

Serve Your Community

Significant living is necessary. GR1 Adults 50+ has a community-minded heart with an eternal focus. We owe it to the Lord and to ourselves to purposefully seek out opportunities to grow in our relationship with God and one another.  Together, let us find those specific and unique ways we can contribute to our church family and community.

“I love the GR1 Adults 50+ ministry. We have so much fun with the greatest people. I can’t wait to see you at our next event!”

Pastor Cynthia Palmer

Associate Pastor

Care Ministries