First, sign up and submit your photo.

Your name and photo are sent to a community in Kenya, where a child will choose you as their sponsor.

TEXT GRFONLINE to 56170 to be #chosen!

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Then a child will choose YOU.

Some kids have waited years to be chosen by a sponsor. Now it’s their turn to choose. Which child will choose you? You’ll get a photo of your new sponsored child holding your photo, plus a letter about why you were chosen.

You’ll see your gifts at work…

Your $39 a month is combined with other sponsors’ gifts to support community projects that help your sponsored child and other kids thrive. Clean water, healthcare, nutrition, education — whatever they need. And you’ll get regular updates on the changes you’re making together.

…and celebrate the progress!

Joy travels both ways through love, prayers, and letters as you share the journey with your sponsored child. And the best part? Our approach is already built on empowering kids and communities to build lasting change.

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