Thank you to all who helped during Spring Break Demolition!


It was a time to dust off your sledgehammers and don your hard hats! Our church has taken on a renovation project and this summer we will still need your help! We are excited that the ministries of our church are growing, but with that growth comes the need for more educational spaces for our Small Groups, Wednesday Connections, Wednesday Kids Connections and Northpoint Bible College – GR. These ministries have grown exponentially over the past few years and can continue to grow with your help!

These times are an opportunity to get your hands dirty and influence ministries that will help us better serve one another, our community and ultimately the world. It is a chance to relive the days of knocking down your brother’s or sister’s Lego buildings while doing work for the Kingdom.

We were excited to start the demolition this past week which includes tearing out bathrooms, ripping out carpeting, removing the bleachers in the gym and taking out ceiling tiles. If that doesn’t sound like fun, then I don’t know what does! Keep an eye out because there is still much work to be done, and any and all manpower will be greatly appreciated for this 33-year-old much needed renovation. Grand Rapids First is always reaching out to the surrounding community to spread the love of Christ. Though at first it may not seem like it, that is exactly what Spring Demolition is all about. We are reaching out to future generations and telling them how much we support and believe in them.

If destroying stuff is your passion, this is the perfect chance to get involved in Servant Evangelism. How many times do you hear the church ask for people to put their sledgehammers to good use? Don’t miss these incredible opportunities! Plus, who could pass up free lunches?

Written by Moya Tobey
Photographed by Nick Meo