There is just no better way to celebrate Mother’s Day than by dedicating your child to the Lord! This year, Mother’s Day fell on Sunday, May 14, and we celebrated the occasion by dedicating 23 children to the Lord!

To dedicate means “to devote”. The parents of these 23 children made a public statement that they will devote their lives to raising up their children to be followers of Christ. Sarah and Kofi Effraim expressed this as being “the ultimate Mother’s Day gift.” As parents, you are given the precious gift of a child from God. Dedicating your child to the Lord is “giving back to God”, as stated by Amy and Eric Lloyd.

This past Sunday was a beautiful reminder of how much God has blessed us and a wonderful day to honor the moms who are always there for us. I know my parents dedicated me to the Lord and I can’t thank them enough for making that decision. My mom has been an incredible role model for me to follow and the most compassionate person you would ever meet.

The men and women who dedicated children this past Sunday are well on their way to raising up God-fearing children. Congratulations to everyone who had the honor of dedicating their children to the Lord!

Written by Moya Tobey, Photographed by Caleb Weidman