Generations Nights are outstanding times! We see generations of people stream in with excitement and anticipation for what God will do in the service. The worship is always amazing! Generations Night on May 3 was no exception. In honor of the National Day of Prayer, the night was themed around prayer. Worship was strong and impactful. The Word presented was moving. Listening to the sound of hundreds of people crying out to God in agreement in various aspects of life is life changing.

It is moving to see masses of people come to participate in these services. Though they may not always show it, we believe our students are in awe of what takes place at these worship services. Many unchurched and unaware of what a true relationship with God looks like walk away with an experience they’ve never had before. The opportunity to be with people who believe in them and are burdened for their circumstances, especially for their eternal future, truly impacts them.

Come join us to experience ​an awesome night of worship and prayer at our next Generations Night on Wednesday, July 26, in the Life Center.

Written by Shaina Schuelke
Photographed by Nick Meo