On Sunday, June 11, amid the sounds of laughing children, families enjoying their lunches and discussions of the Sunday morning service, there was an atmosphere of celebration. At the Life Center on a warm and sunny afternoon, approximately 255 of the Grand Rapids First friends and family celebrated with 22 brothers and sisters who made the decision to follow Christ’s example of water baptism.

Water baptism is not just a religious act. It’s a celebration where we openly declare that He (Jesus) is ours and by the resurrection of our Savior, Jesus Christ, we are His! As Pastor Sam stated in the opening prayer, “The old person of sin is broken off and the power of Jesus Christ is made new in them, and we rejoice and give praise to God with them!”

With enthusiastic applause and huge smiles, we witnessed the baptisms of young children, husbands and wives together, and moms and dads with their children. When asked what motivated their decision to be baptized, many said, “It was simply time to do what Jesus wants me to do.” It was a great way to have spent a Sunday afternoon celebrating among friends! Are you interested in being water baptized? Learn more about taking the next steps toward that goal at here.

Written by Stephanie Burns
Photographed by Caleb Weidman + Nick Meo