Connect with the Word of God and each other every Wednesday at 7 pm.

There are many options for the whole family to help recharge your week. From nursery to adults, there’s something for everyone. Spend time with family and friends, meet new people, connect and grow!

Practicing the Power

Wednesdays at 7 pm in the Prayer Chapel

The Bible teaches us that we are to be filled with God’s Spirit and that His presence and grace is manifested among his people as they serve, love, and minister to one another. Yet some of the gifts that God offers to his people aren’t commonly seen in many churches today. In “Practicing the Power,” we will explore practical steps that will help us understand and exercise spiritual gifts like prophecy, healing, words of knowledge and wisdom, and other supernatural gifts in our every day lives while remaining grounded in Scripture and centered in the Gospel.

Live Full, Walk Free (Women)

Wednesdays at 7 pm in the Upper Room

What if Paul’s extraordinary letter to the church in Corinth was written to believers living in modern day America? In this DVD series, author and speaker Cindy Bultema walks with us through scripture touching on themes of identity, unity, purpose and purity. This study will equip you to live for God in a sin-soaked world and handle each situation with grace.
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Halftime (Men)

Wednesdays at 7 pm at the Life Center in Room 118

A gathering of men for uncomplicated and real discussion about walking in the presence of God. In sports terms, Halftime represents a time when we analyze what’s working and what’s not; then we can determine a strategy to win and execute what we have discussed. For men 18 and older.
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American Sign Language

Wednesdays at 7 pm in the South Prayer Tower

This is a class for new students. You will learn basic sign language, numbers and the Deaf culture. The book, “American Sign Language,” will be discussed in class.
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Via Hispana

Miércoles a las 7 pm en el Comedor (Usa Entrada G, asia la derecha.)

Nosotros estaremos teniendo un tiempo de culto juntos, así como un tiempo de la lectura y creciendo en la palabra de Dios.
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IPOD (Intercessory Pod)

Wednesdays at 7 pm in Room 101

This group will give you the tools for prayer so you can shape your world through divine intercession. You’ll be empowered to ask and believe for the impossible, learning your role in praying so the lives of others are changed. Most importantly, you’ll turn learning into doing as you spend significant time in intercession.
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Divorce Care (Women)

Wednesdays at 6:45 pm – 8:15 pm in Room 223 from March 15 – June 14

Most people will tell you that separation and divorce are the most painful and stressful experiences they’ve ever faced, but you don’t have to go through it alone. It’s a confusing time when you feel isolated and have lots of questions about issues you’ve never faced before. Divorce Care provides a supportive atmosphere that will help you face these challenges and move toward rebuilding your life. Space is limited.
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In addition to our adult classes, we have a large variety of classes and activities for children and students on Wednesday nights.

Kids First Nursery  |  Newborn – K
Kids First Nursery
Every week, our nursery team of trusted, joy-filled, loving parents and volunteers teach our newborn through kindergarten-aged children the fun and simple message of Jesus in a safe, kid-friendly and educational environment.


Kids Connections  |  Boys & Girls Grades 1 – 5
Kids First Auditorium
Wednesday nights for our 1st through 5th grade boys and girls are both exciting AND impacting! With kid-friendly worship music time as well as age-specific small groups, we teach them how to apply Christian principles at both home and in school.

Royal Rangers  |  Boys K – 12th Grade
Royal Rangers is our program for boys K-12 who love the outdoors and have an adventurous side and is designed to train them in what it looks like to be boys with a heart for God.

Mpact  |  Girls K – 5th Grade
Rooms 1-4, 16
For our elementary girls, we have our Daisies (K), Prims (1st and 2nd graders) and Stars (3rd, 4th & 5th graders). Through a variety of games, stories and fun activities, our goal is to build up and encourage these wonderful girls so they experience and recognize the love of Jesus in their lives.

Vertical Junior High

6th – 8th Grade

Our 6th – 8th grade student ministry was developed specifically for middle school students. While having fun with other kids their age, they are being encouraged and equipped with tools to face their daily pressures and become confident young men and women.

Vertical Senior High

9th – 12th Grade

Our 9th – 12th grade student ministry is where high schoolers develop positive friendships, a passion to help people know Jesus, and the confidence to stand for truth. Each week is a new opportunity for students to connect to God in a real way and have fun in a safe environment.